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Story - Gomez Whitney


Gomez Whitney



Creating beauty through perfection and patience.

As a kid I was afraid of Grandpa. He was not a cruel man, but also not a happy man. His seriousness let me know there were things I should not do and places I need not go. The basement wood shop was forbidden.

When I was 13 Grandma gave Grandpa a kit for building grandfather clocks. His mild interest turned from hobby to passion to obsession – learning, collecting and repairing clocks of all kind. It is at this time Grandpa’s distant coolness for me crept toward reserved, measured warmth. I would first watch him work from the steps leading to his basement workshop. One day, with a subtle, almost invisible tap on any empty stool I was given a perch from which to quietly watch him as he worked. It was in the midst of long silences and tinkering he would tick of random, significant details and variations of measuring time - New Haven flying pendulums, Split Pediments, Striking Sequences, Chime Tunes.

It was from here I watched Grandpa master the poetics of perfection and patience. The longer time had stood still for a broken clock, the larger his compulsion for complete restoration. He would spend weeks adjusting actions and then set it aside; wait and watch for days to be sure each piece kept perfect time. In this process of repair and restoration I began to see joy in Grandpa.

I now understand it was the frustration of idle hands that marked his darker moods. I was given a privileged place to watch his dormant hands slowly master and marry form to function. I witnessed the joy he received from sharing his work and knowledge with all those friends and clients that frequented his workshop.

This is my legacy – an inherited need to make objects, create beauty, and build with the poetics of perfection and patience. As a designer, it is my joy to share this passion with you and to keep my idle hands working.

© 2011 Gomez Whitney

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