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Gomez Whitney

Curtain night stand


Image of Curtain night stand

I took the shapes and curves of a billowing curtain for the profiles of my furniture collection. With stark white top and bottom, a thin ribbon of Dark Walnut draws sharp attention to the waves and billows. The softness of the oiled Walnut is irresistible.

My intention is to pair this piece with itself for matching wall mounted night stands. However, I think it would be great as an entry table or as a amazingly cute mini bar.

The piece is 12"high, 24" wide, and 16" at the deepest. Top and bottom are lacquer white. Face is Walnut with Danish Oil.

All of my floating pieces mount using a stabile concealed cleat which is simple to install. Directions and mounting hardware come packed with the pieces.

These are made in a time intensive way and often a piece can be flawed at the end of the process requiring me to repeat steps. Please understand this can cause delays in delivery. That said, please expect three weeks for delivery in most cases.